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Some Wedding Backdrop Ideas that may never cross your mind.

  • November 21, 2016 /
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The backdrop for your wedding may not be the first thing you think about or even does it make the top ten things on your list well think again. During the ceremony as you walk down to the altar, it may be the most photographed location during your special day, so in order not to have any flaws here are some ideas for your backdrop.

wedding backdrops

1. Get yourself an Arbor.

By acquiring an Arbor you will be able to create a structure, and Arbors work for large and small spaces. Arbors are very customizable which is a plus and remember to use wood to give it a fresh look that matches your dress then dress it up but do not forget the ribbons.

2. Use fabrics.

Use different materials in the design you want to create a sense of elegance or making it entertaining. Use of white satin and for a candid and traditional look or use any other colors and patterns the make it stand out.

3. Keep it Crystal Clear.

In case you’re a person who wants or needs to sparkle, the use of crystals to dazzle your ceremony. By hanging them by the arch, Arbor, or even at a tree branch if you’re doing an outside/outdoor wedding.

4. Use some fancy florals.

If you still doubt most of your arrangements, that stick to flower as they never disappoint. You can use them to make an entire flower wall or display different monograms with your flowers. With various you can bring color and life to your ceremony.

5. Use Lights.

In case you’re in for the contemporary look, with the use of modern lights you can make a different and modern backdrop. Some lights just embellish the Altar while having a clean and crisp appearance.


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