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Some creative wedding backdrops decoration idea for your special day

  • November 21, 2016 /
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Thewedding backdrops decoration will likely be the most photographed area during your Wedding day. So, it should be one of your major things on your to-do list. We have come with some unique wedding backdrops decoration idea that you might use on your wedding day.

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Using Feathers:

Decorate your backdrops with large feathers could make your decoration unique and also creative. But make it sure feathers are one particular color. It will add some bold look. You can use peacock feather for decorating wedding backdrops.

Decorate with flowers:

Flowers are the symbol of purity and love. They also smell delicious when you use them in a significant number. It could be even more beautiful if you use colorful flowers to decorate backdrops. You can also use various flowers it’s not all about roses try to use different flowers.

A backdrop of Clouds:

It hasn’t been used that often as an idea to decorate. So, if you choose clouds to embellish wedding backdrop it could be creative as well as a way display your ingenuity. Because your heart in clouds now and it will help you to make it a statement.

Paper Moon for decoration:

This unique idea is better for the night. You can use light under the paper moon to make the moon bright. You can also use some star to make it more delightful. This innovative idea will surely outlast your guest, and they will talk about this for many years.

Use Projector for creativity:

If you don’t have the budget or want to have a unique wedding ceremony, then you can use the projector as your decoration tool. You just choose an image and use the projector on the white sheet hanging on the backdrops. you can use anything like abstract art, psychedelic colors, shapes etc. And surely all the guest will remember it for a long time.


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