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Metallic Silver Wedding Backdrops Sparkly Light Decor For Party/Wedding

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Metallic Silver Wedding Backdrops Sparkly Light Decor For Party/Wedding


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Product Description

Wedding backdrops turn your space into a beautiful reception by giving it an elegant look. It’s unimaginable to hold a wedding in a venue with poor quality wedding drops or without any. Your wedding should be a highlight of beauty, and you need to get everything spot on. It would be bad for you to have a great reception, and outstanding dress code, only to be let down by your choice of wedding drops. That’s why we provide you with only the best quality wedding drops, which are gorgeous and beautifully designed. The bride and groom will be delighted when they see their reception made better with exceptional wedding backdrops, and the guests will love it.

Dimensions: 20 ft wide x 10 ft height.
Material: Dual layers – top layer chiffon, bottom layer polyester.

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